Selected Projects

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Autonomous Ground Vehicle Challenge 2018

The competition was aimed at off-road complicated environment with high demands on the mobility of unmanned vehicles. As the leader of motion control group, I was responsible for the formulation of motion control framework, x-by-wire actuators redesign and development of motion control algorithms. There were mainly two challenges to motion control, (1) the first is the needs of operating on endure rough terrain, which led to difficulties in speed control. To resolve this problem, we identified the dynamic characteristics of our unmanned vehicles on various off-road terrain, developed dynamic-based speed tracking and acceleration control algorithms and helped planning group improve speed planning in off-road scenes. This work improved our speed control accuracy. (2) The second challenge was the narrow and curving segments along with delayed steering control system. we developed and refined our MPC-based path tracking algorithms by adding a model to describe the transient process of steering system and achieved much better tracking performance. Finally in this competition, we won the third and sixth place with two participating vehicles.

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Path Tracking Algorithms Review and Verification

Leading a group of four beginner-level members, I started this research to review papers and implement some practical algorithms in V-REP and real vehicles to make better assessment for path tracking algorithms in a unified framework and platform. I developed a new framework for motion control algorithms for better developing and verifying, which unified the interfaces used in real vehicle platform and V-REP simulation platforms.

Previous Projects

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Autonomous Ground Vehicle Challenge 2016

Designed, implemented and refined automatic shifting mechanisms and automatic steering mechanisms for two unmanned ground vehicles, and was responsible for hardware maintenance.

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4D/RCS Framework Development

Migrated path tracking algorithms to RCS framework.

Autonomous Minibus Development

Verified and improved path tracking algorithms for minibus trial operation in Shenzhen, China.