About Me

Hello! My name is Wei Wang (王威). I am a PhD candidate working under the supervision of Prof. Huiyan Chen in the Intelligent Vehicle Research Center (IVRC) at Beijing Institute of Technology. And I am also a visiting PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Steven L. Waslander in the Toronto Robotics and AI Laboratory (TRAILab) at University of Toronto.

My research interests cover the area of learning-based motion planning and control, model predictive control (MPC) and reinforcement learning. My focus is more about learning-based motion control algorithms for better planning and control performance in off-road environment by considering reinforcement learning.

In the past three years, I have participated in several projects and competitions for developing fully autonomous vehicles in passenger cars, minibus and also off-road vehicles.

Research Interests

  • Learning-based Motion Planning and Control
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Reinforcement Learning


  • Programming Languages: C++ > Matlab = Python > Bash > Cmake = Lua …
  • Platform: Linux, Windows
  • Tools: ROS, V-REP, Clion, CarSim, RCS …
  • Development: Perform the test-driven development work-flow with code reviews while following the Google C++ Style guide and the typical git work-flow.

Honors and Awards

  • Part of BIT team that won the third place in Autonomous Ground Vehicle Challenge 2018 (2018)


  • Sports: Table tennis, Badminton
  • Music: Piano, Kalimba, Ukulele
  • Others: Photography

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